I Help Young Skilled Professionals And Grads To Launch Their Career In Dubai/UAE

- Understand how to build a successful career in the UAE from scratch.

- Learn how to get your first job in the UAE with the proven system and strategies

Do you know almost 27.5% of the total UAE population are Indians ?

Who Are Skilled Professionals?

Hi! I'm Favaz

I am an entrepreneur (Director of FIAKON EXIM LLP) and career facilitator who has spent the past 7+ years building my expertise in the shipping and logistics industry in both India and the UAE. 

My current mission is to empower Dubai/UAE career seekers in India, particularly young skilled professionals and recent graduates, to achieve their career goals. 

With my passion for education and experience in the field, I am excited to guide and support these aspiring individuals on their journey to success.

Companies I've worked for!

Handled Projects Of Some Key Players.

Path Clarity For All

Many talented career seekers in Dubai and the UAE are feeling stuck, unsure of how to make their dreams a reality. My mission is to give these aspiring skilled professionals the tools and guidance they need to take action and achieve their goals. Through mentorship and a clear path forward, I am committed to empowering Dubai and UAE career aspirants to take control of their careers and succeed.

Proven Method Of Career Building

With my 7+ years of experience in Dubai and India, I have helped a select group of individuals achieve their career goals through personalized strategies and ideas. Now, I want to make these resources and strategies available to all action takers who are ready to work towards their dreams. Let's make it happen together!

DXB Aspirant's Hub

We're building a community of driven professionals who are ready to make their mark on the Dubai/UAE job market. If you're ready to take action and pursue your career in this vibrant region, you belong with us! This is just the beginning of an exciting journey - stay tuned for updates on our work in progress.

Analysing What it would take to build a successful Dubai/UAE Career & Self Assessment

Learn about the career packages and path for a novice in Dubai and assesment of own skills.

Create The Action Plan & Acheiving Milestones

Once the path is clear, Its time to set the action plan and start acheiving each milestones.

Mission 90 Days

Final phase towards your first job in the UAE where you will have to be available in the UAE for interviews.

Simple Process to Get Started

Currently we have one membership level. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started on your journey towards your career building journey in Dubai/UAE.


6 Courses

One to one session x 1

Weekly Coaching*

90-Day Challenge

Basic Certification

Private Network

Support Forum

Lifetime Membership

Work in progress ...

Your Growth Is My Focus

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